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​Educational Workshop



We provide a variety of educational workshops and lectures to teenagers or the elderly such as video production and Flutter workshops. They are also organized by our professional tutors with inspirational speeches and sharing.

" 生於斯,長於斯,讓我們共同為這個城市努力。重新分配資源,唯才是用的發展模式。"

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i) 影片製作工作坊

Video Production Workshop


Students can learn video production skills based on theories and attempts. From writing scripts to filming, producing their own videos. Aiming to guide them to grow-up and set up targets.


建立網頁和手機應用程式看似複雜、難明,叫人避而遠之。Flutter 工作坊帶學生出淺入深認識科技界熱門的移動應用程序,讓學生舉舉手指一次過建立屬於自己的網頁和軟件。

Creating a website and mobile applications sounds complicated. Flutter workshop teaches students from 101 to deep skills of the latest technological applications, giving them opportunities to build their own website and software.

ii) Flutter 工作坊
Flutter workshop

​Rich and Useful Courses
​Teach with Professional Materials
針對性及實用建議Consultation and feedback
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